Nina Taylor has always loved drawing, art and design. As a child she was fascinated with Disney films and used to draw the characters. Other favourites were Calvin & Hobbes, Asterix & Obelix and The Beano.

One day, the author Michael Rosen visited Nina's school. She was very inspired by his stories and the illustrations in his books. She hoped one day she could illustrate children's books. It has taken thirty years... but now she does!

In her teens she learnt all about graphic design and how to make websites. In fact, she made this one! But she never stopped drawing. These days she draws straight on to her iPad Pro, which is great fun.

When she was asked to do the illustrations for the Tilly Millpepper books, she was so excited. She loves the magical stories and can relate to Tilly, growing up in the countryside and going on adventures in the woods with her friends and the animals.

Nina says to never give up on your dreams, you can do anything!

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Remember what Tilly says: "Be safe online! Please check with your parent or guardian before contacting anyone online"