Tilly Millpepper and the Enchanted Book is the second book in the Tilly Millpepper series.

The story begins, when Tilly makes a surprising find of an old book, up in the attic of Dingleby Hall. The book, Tilly soon realises, is enchanted.

It’s the end of the summer holidays and it’s time for Tilly to start at her new school. Unfortunately, her temporary class teacher, Mrs Sharp, brings all sorts of trouble for Tilly and her classmates.

At home, Tilly is still enjoying riding Sam through the Essex countryside. However, one day, something really extraordinary happens. When she comes face to face with Esme Crystabelle, a real live fairy. And so, this story of family, magic and adventure, turns into a fairy tale, when Esme takes Tilly through the Gateway, to meet her family who live in the fairy kingdom, Dingleby Hollow.

What happens next? Well I won’t spoil it for you, but what I can tell you is that Tilly becomes a reluctant hero, when she makes her second wish.

Examples of reviews for this book

Magical Story

Beautiful book gave one to a local school and the children loved it. *****

An Adventure!

Another magical Tilly Millpepper read! I read this with my niece and she really enjoyed it. The animals, mythical characters and the courageous Tilly all make this book a thrilling adventure that is hard to put down. She loved it so much, looking forward to the next book. *****

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