J.E. Narracott, would have loved to have begun school and library visits this year, but as everything is closed at the moment, those visits will have to wait.

In the meantime, she would love to hear from you, via Tilly’s email address - [email protected]

Tilly says "Be safe! Please ask permission from your Parent or Guardian before ever contacting anyone online."

You could send a drawing or a painting of Tilly or anyone of the characters or scenes in the series. Or you might even like to design your own wishing stone. A4 paper is a good size for the gallery.

When you have finished your picture, simply print your first name and age in the bottom left hand corner and send it in.

You might also like to tell us your thoughts on the Tilly book you have read.

Some of your pictures will hang for a while on the ‘Readers Gallery’ wall. It’s situated in the sitting room of Dingleby Hall, where the Millpeppers and the rest of us can admire them.