What would you wish for if you were given a wishing stone?

Yes, a real wishing stone because that’s what Uncle Leonardo gave Tilly Millpepper on her tenth birthday. As things turned out, it was just the beginning of her magical adventures.

When she and her family move temporarily from London to a large house in the Essex countryside, they discover several unexpected animals, including a pony for Tilly to learn to ride. But that’s not all they discover, for there is also a creepy witch-like housekeeper, who seems to be looking for something.


Have you ever wondered what treasures might be hidden in your attic?

Now, when Jellicle, Tilly Millpepper’s black and white cat, finds herself locked in the attic of Dingleby Hall, Tilly is taken by surprise at what she discovers there – apart from Jellicle of course. The surprise is just the beginning, of another magical adventure, in which the Wishing Stone grants Tilly her second wish.

While Tilly continues to have fun riding her pony Sam, she also manages to collect more

‘magical things’. What’s more, she encounters a very special new friend, who invites her to a fairy-tale land you and I can only dream about.


Have you ever seen a real unicorn? What about a winged unicorn?

When Tilly Millpepper visits the Oak Forest in Dingleby Hollow, she’s in for a big surprise. The surprise is just the start of her third and most challenging magical adventure yet.

It’s been almost a year since the Millpepper’s arrived at Dingleby Hall. Will they be staying or going back to London? The arrival of cousin Ursula and her unruly twin boys might just make that decision easier. Come with Tilly and her fairy friends, as she battles both human folk and Hagatha, the evil witch who lives in Dragonsrock Castle.